Vitamix Venturist V1200 Blender Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Bringing the Vitamix v1200 review is extremely satisfying and pleasing as it will help you find the best blender you will ever have. Because the performance of Vitamix v1200 is highly efficient and versatile. Vitamix v1200 is high in demand because of its optimized design, variable speed control, and wireless connectivity, self-detect technology, and many other advanced features. It has stainless steel blades with a high-performance motor that makes the machine foolproof against any technical issues. You can easily make smoothies, desserts, frozen foods, nut butters, and plenty of other day-to-day foods that your family love.

vitamix v1200

Before buying a high-end blender like this, you must be thinking about whether it is worth buying or not?

To know every aspect of a Vitamix v1200 blender, read the article till the end to have all the insightful features of this blender.

In this review article, I have discussed the important features, technical aspects, pros and cons, and any other questions that arise in all the user’s minds, who are using Vitamix v1200 on a daily basis.

Total Score: 9.2/10  (See customer ratings)

Easy to clean
Easy to use

What is Vitamix v1200?

Vitamix Venturist V1200
Vitamix Venturist V1200
  • Settings: Single
  • Speed: 10 variable Setting
  • Noise: 8-9bd
  • Warranty: 10 Year
  • Material: Tritan Plastic
  • Power / Wattage: 1500watts

Vitamix venturist v1200 is a model of the Vitamix blender series. It is a certified reconditioned blender that provides you with an original product at an economical price. Moreover, there is a series of multiple technical testings, Vitamix v1200 goes through before it comes to retail stores where you buy it.

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It appears to be the perfect choice for all those people who want to have a high end, ultra-smart budget-friendly blender.

What does the package include:

Vitamix v1200 is all in one package deal and it comes with a cookbook, container shells of two sizes, blades, and temper.

Technical Specifications

ProductVitamix V1200
Motor Power2.2 HP
Voltage120 V
Cup Size 64 oz, 20 oz
Wireless ConnectivityYes
Digital TimerYes
Dishwasher SafeYes
Noise LevelHigh
Warranty5 Year
Price Check Price


Vitamax v1200 has amazing and extraordinary features that make your life easy in the kitchen.


These reconditioned blenders are passed through 17 testing processes before ready to use approval. The blades are less than one year old and made of treated stainless steel. These blades are sensitized and placed in new container shells. Nobody can judge whether they are reconditioned or not as they look just like brand new.

Large Size Container

The biggest plus of Vitamix v1200 is its 64-ounce container. This big size container helps to make large batches of healthy recipes. These recipes may include healthy smoothies, whole food products, desserts, or appetizers.

This container size facilitates the preparation of medium to large batches easily without any hassle.

Self Detect

Vitamix v1200 has self detect technology in it. As the blender comes with two containers, one of 64 ounces and other of 20 ounces. The self detect technology detects the size of the container and chooses the functions accordingly. So hassle-free preparation of large to medium and small batches.

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Digital Timer

Vitamix v1200 has a built-in digital timer to ensure proper preparation time. It helps to remove any ambiguities and irregularities in time by guesswork. You can set a time according to the required recipe time, and your blender will process its job in a calculated manner. It helps to have the required texture every time you make your favorite smoothie.

Variable speed control and Pulse Feature

The comfort of speed control can help you prepare your required textures. From big chunks to extremely fine smoothies, every texture is so easy to prepare because of the variable speed control feature. You can easily make smoothies, baby foods, chunky salsas by selecting your required pulse. These two unique combinations of speed control and pulse make cooking and meal preparation much easier and faster.

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Wireless connectivity

The blender has wireless connectivity and you can manage to turn it on and off from any gadget using its app. It has a bluetooth device in it that makes it enable to connect with your mobile or other gadgets, you can choose the function, set the timer and it is ready to work for you.

Friction heating

It is surprising to know that you can also make hot beverages or drinks in Vitamix v1200. The blades have hi-tech material and composition that they reach the friction temperature friction so speedily. This friction heat converts cold ingredients to boiling hot drinks in only six minutes.

Self Cleaning

There are no hard steps or assembling, disassembling of the container for cleaning. It is extremely easy to clean the container in one step. All you need to do is simply pour a drop of washing soap and warm water in the blender and run it at full speed. This process cleans the blender only in 60 seconds without any further steps.

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  • High-performance motor helps to handle tough ingredients.
  • Friction heat technology helps to make hot recipes as well.
  • Stainless steel blades are resistant to any structural or chemical distortion.
  • Digital timer helps to maintain accurate texture because of preset time.
  • Variable speed and pulse control help to prepare a variety of textures and grain size of chunky foods.


  • May look expensive to all the people who don’t want to buy a high end product.
  • It has a little bit of a high level of noise. Louder than many other kitchen gadgets.

Final Verdict

We have discussed all the technical aspects, pros and cons of vitamix v1200 to help you find the best blender. This blender ensures to provide high performance, long-lasting, versatile, and durable blender in a reconditioned form, just like a brand new. This recommendation is the only cost-saving solution to meet all your high-end requirements for blenders. So investing in this blender can save you money, time, and energy during your kitchen times.

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