Best Sirtfood Diet Juicer or Blender – Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking to buy a juicer or blender for your Sirt food diet? Which one should you purchase? This blog post will help guide you through the process of what features are important and how much it would cost. The key issue is that if someone has a blender, they might want to buy a juicer as well. If they have a juicer then they’ll need to purchase both items separately and spend more money than if they just purchased one. The problem with this is that some people don’t know which type of machine works best for their needs so we’re going to go over the three different types: blenders, juicers, and food processors. Blenders work best when making smoothies because it’s designed.

latest sirtfood diet juicer or blender


Comparison between Sirtfood Diet Juicer vs Blender

Sirtfood diet Juicer
Blender BL610
Sirtfood diet Juicer
Blender BL610
5000 to 18000 RPM
Two speeds: 9,000 or 12,000 RPM
Easy to Use
Easy to use & clean
Auto-Pulp lever
High torque Motor
Feed chute
Feed chute
1.75" x 1.25"
5.25" shaft length, of 13.5"

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Blender – uses sharp blades that can heat up the contents quickly, causing oxidation. You cannot use frozen fruits and vegetables with this appliance

Juicer – slow spins to extract juice which minimizes oxidization

Sirtfood diet juicer or blender is a popular juicer. It has a cold-press system that spins at 80rpm making sure the juice is kept cold at all times.

It’s also able to handle frozen ingredients, which means you can use it when making a kale and banana smoothie! And because it uses cold technology, there is no need to pre-chop ingredients meaning less nutrient loss. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a juicer.

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Tips for picking out a Juicer or Blender

Blender – fast spins to turn ingredients into a smoothie or paste

In terms of blenders, the best option is a personal blender. These offer an individual serving size which means you can make yourself as many smoothies as you want at one time and only blend what’s needed. This is great for people who like their juice fresh or people who don’t like to feel wasteful when they pour a smoothie down the drain.

The best option for a blender is an immersion blender because it has a container that’s easy to clean and doesn’t take up too much room on the countertop. They’re also less expensive than most other high-powered blenders so if you already have one on the counter, chances are it will work just fine.

A juicer is a good option because you can make juice in bulk and store it for later use so that you always have something to drink at home whether or not you want fresh juice. While most of the recipes call for fresh ingredients, some recipes allow for frozen ingredients.

What is a juicer and how does it work?

A juice extractor or a juicer usually juices fruits and vegetables by pressing, crushing or spinning the produce. They then separate the pulp from the liquid to make juice.

Most people buy a centrifugal juicer for home use as this is one of the cheapest types on the market. There are also health benefits to using a slow masticating juicer.

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Benefits of a Juicer vs Blender

Juicers have more benefits than blenders but there are a few that make them great to invest in: A juicer separates the pulp from the juice. So, you’re getting all of the nutrients without bits of skin and seeds. Another advantage of having an extractor is it saves time as you don’t need to peel off any fruit or vegetables. Another advantage is it’s quick and easy to clean up one container as opposed to a blender, which has blades that need extra cleaning.

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Blenders use sharp blades that can often heat up the contents of the blender quickly. This will cause oxidization which will make the juice lose its nutrients

A juicer slow spins the ingredients to extract the juice, this minimizes oxidization

Some of them are extremely loud and need a lot of energy which can cause excess heat that will destroy the enzymes in the fruit & veg. You’re also not able to use frozen fruits and vegetables with all types of juicers because they’re not cold enough to make it.

Things to consider when buying either appliance

1. How often will you use it? If you’re going to use the appliance every day, then you might be better off spending the money on a higher-powered blender that will last much longer than one priced for less frequent use.

2. What is your budget? You don’t have to go all out with an expensive juicer or blender. The important part is that it does the job for you and works well enough to accomplish what you want it to do.

3. What size do you need? If you live by yourself and want to make juice just for one, then you might find the single-serve blender a better option than buying an expensive juicer that serves multiple people. A countertop juicer might be best if you plan on making each serving a different color and flavor so everyone can have their own favorite.

4. What kind of counter space do you have? Your kitchen probably has some limits, so do you want a blender or juicer that can be tucked away in a cabinet even when not in use? Or would you rather have something that occupies little to no space and gets it out of the way when not needed?

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6. What kind of budget are you on? The most expensive models aren’t always the best and vice versa, so consider what you’re willing to pay for a machine that will juice or blend your ingredients without costing an arm and a leg.


Sirt food diet, juicers, and blenders

  • What is the Sirtfood diet? The first food diet is a 7-day detox plan that helps you lose weight and offers benefits like anti-aging, increased energy levels, more stamina, improved flexibility in your muscles, and much more. This juice detox combines a number of juices with whole foods for an all-natural approach that’s meant to help you feel better than ever.
  • What can a juicer or blender do for me? Juicers and blenders are both great tools to have because they basically chop up ingredients into pieces that are easy to swallow by chewing them less, making them easier to digest. They turn vegetables and fruits into liquid form so they can be easily sipped on and enjoyed. The one big difference between the two is that blenders leave in some of the pulp while juicers extract all of the juice, leaving behind a pile of pulp you have to deal with.
  • What are sirtfoods? Sirtfoods are vegetables, fruits, and spices known to activate a protein in the body called sirtuin, which is responsible for extending life span, improving insulin sensitivity, and protecting against chronic diseases. They are also said to help with weight loss by revving up metabolism.
  • Are there any side effects? The major downside of juicing is that it can lack fibre, which means you miss out on a range of health benefits and the feeling of fullness. If you are not eating solid food at lunchtime, the fibre deficit from juicing could affect your blood sugar levels in as quickly as two hours.

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