Nutribullet or Juicer 2021 – Which One is Best for Weight Loss

If you’re looking for a way to lose weight, the juicer vs Nutribullet debate is an important one. There are many benefits to drinking fresh juice and smoothies such as boosting your body’s immune system and energy levels, but if you’re just looking to shed pounds then there may be better options out there than either of these appliances.

What do you think? If you want to know which is best – juicer or Nutribullet – read on!

nutribullet or juicer for weight loss latest buying guide


Nutribullet vs Juicer, Which One is Best for Weight loss?

The suggested use of juice and smoothie diets for weight loss is nothing new but has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The popularity can be attributed to several factors such as convenience, affordability and the health benefits associated with consuming fresh fruit and vegetables.

Although juice and smoothies can be a great way to lose weight the time has now come to compare the two appliances which will make this task much easier. The main question on most people’s lips is which one; Nutribullet or juicer is best?

Nutribullet vs Juicer – The comparison

Nutribullet Machine Juicer Machine
It is very fast to make a smoothie It takes a long time to make juice
The nutribullet’s drink has fiber. So, it can even fulfill your hungry The juicer’s drink has fiber. So, it can fulfill your hungry at all.
Nutribullet cannot separate the pulp of juice elements. But the juicer can easily separate the pulp of juice elements.
It is easy to maintain It is comparatively tough to maintain
It produces healthy drinks It produces tasty drinks.

What is the Nutribullet machine?

The Nutribullet is a blender with blades that rotate at very high speeds, the user just puts in whole fruits and vegetables along with some other ingredients such as nuts, seeds, and powders for added health benefits. It will produce fine puree like the consistency of whatever goes into it. It is a countertop appliance like a juicer, but it is a blender. It doesn’t use blades, it uses high-speed spinners. You put whole fruits or vegetables into the cup and press them against the countertop to push them down into the spinning blades in the base of the unit. The spinning blades inside will puree your food by pushing out all of the juice and pulp from the inside of your food.


  • Nutribullet is easier to prepare, use, clean and.
  • It is a countertop appliance like a juicer and can be placed on the work surface ready for use. No need to chop up fruit into small pieces.
  • You can have a delicious and healthy drink with it in less than 30 seconds.
  • It has 600+ watts cyclonic motor.
  • You will enjoy all the fiber of fruits and vegetables in it
  • The Nutribullet is very easy to clean as everything is blended together, you just add some water and run it through twice with
  • It helps to feel full and satiated satisfaction after drinking a Nutriblast.


  • Normally, there is no warranty with it. To get 5 Years you have to pay an extra $14.
  • The drinks that it produces is very thick
  • The price is not fixed. It differs in different stores -offline and online

What is the Juicer machine?

A juicer is a separate countertop appliance that uses a fast-spinning blade to chop your food into smaller pieces. Then it has the machine that presses all of the liquid out from your chopped-up food so you have 100% juice and zero pulp. It does not blend or puree in any way because as soon as it spins, it squeezes the liquid right out of your food.


  • A juicer ensures the best taste as it is nothing but a watery element of fruits and vegetables.
  • It can easily separate the Pulp of the juice elements.
  • We cannot digest some veggies or grass by our body. But we can easily digest them by Juicing (e.g. Wheatgrass)
  • It is the best solution for consuming superfoods.


  • It is too much time-consuming. You have to clean your kitchen before and afterward juicing.
  • The drinks made by the juicer have no fiber in drinks.
  • Having no fiber, these types of drinks cannot your hungry.

Bottom Line

The juice extractors are going to give you more fiber and nutrients than the Nutribullet because they produced 100% juice out of every piece of food that you put into them. They also end up with leftover pulp so if you want the most fiber and nutrients, you should go for a juicer. However, they can be really messy to clean and take up more room in your kitchen.

On the other hand, this machine is a blender that spins like a juicer and squeezes all of the liquid out of your food so you get smoothies instead of juice. You end up with 100% blended food items so if you want to sneak fruits and veggies into your diet by disguising them as smoothies, you should go for a Nutribullet.

The problem is that the two machines are quite expensive. The Nutribullet is around $70 and the average juicer costs about $120. You also have to clean these machines after each use so it takes more time than simply washing an item by hand.

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