Juicer Vs Blender – Which One Is The Best Option To Buy?

juicer vs blender

Are you confused about choosing to buy a juicer or blender? Let’s sort it out together. Several people think that juicer and blender have the same functioning, but they are wrong. However, you can use the blender and juicer for making a smoothie, but it will not provide a similar quality or taste. In this article we are going to tell you the main difference of juicer vs blender.


Most importantly, you have to know which kitchen appliance is suitable for you.

Juicer Vs Blender – Difference Between Them

12000 to 15000 RPM
72 oz
Extract Level
Extract Level
The juicer will extract all the fibers
Blenders will not extract the fiber,
easy to digest.
Blender will help you to boost your metabolism
Juicer will extract all the fibers’
you don’t have to clean the extras of veggies or fruits.

Juicers and blenders are different from each other, and they aren’t used for the same purpose. Without any doubt, both kitchen appliances will work perfectly to present you with the best consistency of smoothies.

One of them will extract the nutrients, and others will keep them in your drink? Do you know which appliance is most beneficial? It’s the blender.

Blenders will never take the vitamins and minerals of any fruit or veggie.

However, the juicers will give you a drink from any veggie or fruit, but after extracting the fiber from it. You will not have the thread from any ingredient that you have added to the juicer. So that’s obvious that you will have more nutrients with any juicer.

On the other hand, the blender will pack the smoothie with all the nutrients that you need to be healthy. Moreover, the blender will make a thicker consistency of drinks, and it will take more time to digest.

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You will fulfill your appetite with a drink made in a blender because it will provide you all the ingredients.

Juicer Vs Blender – Benefits

Several users who have juicers will convince you to buy a juicer, and the blender users will stick to their opinion too and ask you to buy a blender. No doubt, both are ideal for their job, but you cannot pick one before seeing their benefits. Let’s discuss the benefits of blenders first.

Benefits Of Blender

the blender
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There are three benefits of blenders that you’ll know here:

No Mess   

With a blender, you will not have any mess while making any smoothie. Also, you don’t have to clean the extras of veggies or fruits. After all, blenders are more comfortable to use, and they don’t extract any pulp outside.

Fulfills The Appetite

Blenders will not extract the fiber, and you will have more nutrients in your drink. Besides that, you will be able to have a fuller appetite after drinking any smoothie that is made with a blender.

Helps In Digestion

Any smoothie that is made with a blender will help you to boost your metabolism because it will clean the toxins. In addition, you will be able to have a stronger immune system.

Types Of Blender

There are two major types of blenders:

Large Size Jug Blender

The large size of the jug is perfect for making a large number of drinks. Besides, you will be able to save the smoothie for later with a large blender.

Large jug blenders will have more power to blend all the ingredients evenly. Some of the jug blenders have more ability than others. You need to buy a jug blender that has a 1000 watts’ motor at least. Also, you can blend ice with large jugs.

Moreover, you can blend the hard ingredients such as nuts and other items with a jug blender. The jug blenders are large, and it is perfect for those families who have more family members.

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We’ll suggest buying a Vitamix blender that has powerful blending features.

Personal Blender

The personal blenders will make smoothies for one glass only. This type of blender is now famous because they are portable. The personal blenders are bought by those people who need instant smoothie makes after their gym workout. You can buy the nutribullet personal blender.

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The reason behind the popularity of the single-serving blender is a cup that comes with a flask. You can carry the smoothie in the same cup with its lid while walking. The portable and one-serving blenders are ideal for singles.

Using a portable blender is easy because you can conveniently wash them. Also, the single-serving blenders are lightweight.

On the other side, you will have lids with blenders that make it simpler to use. You can buy the nutribullet600 single serving blender for making a smoothie or any other drink for yourself.

After blending all the ingredients, you can easily detach the blades. You can pour the drink in the other cup if the quantity is more and add a go-to lid over it.

Benefits Of Juicer

the juicer
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The three uses of the juicer are:

Quick Absorption

The juicer will extract all the fibers’ while making a drink from the ingredients that you have added in it. Plus, any drink from a juicer will have minerals in it. Moreover, you can easily digest any drink that is made from a juicer because it is mineral-based.

Thin Consistency Of Drink

The consistency of all the drinks that are made from a juicer is thin. However, you will have more juice from the veggies or fruits with a juicer.

Faster Digestion

The thin liquid drink from a juicer is easy to digest. You will not have any fiber in the drinks that are made from juicers. So you can prevent the digestion issues with the juicer. No doubt, a juicer is the best option for those people who want to boost up their metabolism by having any drink.

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Types Of Juicer

There are two types of juicer:

A Centrifugal Juicer

This type of juicer will extract the liquid from any ingredient through a metal blade. The blade of the centrifugal juicer will press the ingredients towards the strainer. The juicer will drain the liquid in its container and separate the pulp on the other side.

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You can find several juicers at an affordable price on the market. Plus, the centrifugal juicers have some flaws. They will heat up quickly, and you cannot use them continuously. The juicer needs some breaks so that the motor doesn’t burn out.

However, you should not buy a juicer if you need all the nutrients from the ingredients. Besides that, the centrifugal juicer is perfect for those people who have less budget.

Masticating Juicer Or Cold Press Juicer

The masticating juicer or cold press juicer is the same. However, these juicers are expensive than centrifugal juicers. The masticating juicer will work by crushing the ingredients.

This type of juicer will work slowly, and they are bigger.

In addition, the cold press juicer has a better motor. In fact, this juicer will not heat up even if you use it continuously.

FAQs About the Juicer Vs Blender

1. Can you use a blender to juice

Yes, you can use a blender to juice fruits and vegetables. But you have to perform an extra step. After blending the food, you have to filter it with the strainer or cheesecloth.

2. Are juicing and blending the same

No, in juicing, all the fibrous material from the food will be separated. While in blending, you will get the juice with all the fibrous material. See more.

To Sum Up

The debate of juicer vs blender doesn’t end here. People who are sentient about their health will not buy a juicer because it extracts the nutrients from all the ingredients while making a smoothie.

However, juicers are messier to use, and blenders are a convenient option to buy. So you can buy a blender or juicer according to your preference and need.

All in all, you should have a blender and juicer in your kitchen to have all benefits.

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