How To Clean A Juicer – Complete Step by Step Guide

how to clean a juicer

Fresh juices are considered as healthy food worldwide. Many people revitalize their energies with the fresh juices that come straight out of the juicer. Fresh juices have all the necessary nutrients that benefit you such as it boosts the immune system, level up your energy, and above all it tastes good. There are many different juicers available in the market; they have unique features that make them good juicers and efficiently perform what they are supposed to do. The only thing that makes a difference in the performance of the juicers is how you handle them. The juicer’s performance depends on the conditions its components are. It means you need to take good care of the maintenance of the juicers.

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When it comes to the maintenance of appliances, cleaning is the first thing that comes to mind. The cleaning of juicers is not an easy task. This article will tell you how to clean a juicer to better perform for years and years.

Why cleaning a juicer is very important?

After juicing the fruits and vegetables, some food residue is left in the juicers’ corners and screen. If not cleaned properly or if left unclean, these organic particles can cause damage to the juicers. The food particles will rot and decay and clog the chute, and the screen of the juicers and the performance of the juicers will be compromised.

If the juicers are not correctly cleaned and maintained, it can have severe health implications. The dirty food residue will buildup bacteria that can give you digestion problems, and there will be an awful taste and smell in the juice that will ruin your fresh beverage experience.

How to clean a juicer?

There are two types of cleaning a juicer machine. One is the regular cleaning of a juicer, and the other is a deep cleaning of a juicer machine.

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Regular cleaning of the juicer

If you use your juicer regularly, then it is recommended to clean it after every use immediately. Because if you leave it unclean, then you have to deal with tough stains and residue buildup. The regular cleaning will also save you from the deep clean of the juicer.  The regular cleaning of the juicer does not take more than 10 to 15 minutes.  Here are some steps on how to clean a juicer regularly.

You will need the following ingredients and components for the regular cleaning of the juicer.

  • water
  • A spatula
  • Soft brush
  • Long handle dish scrubber
  • Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
  • A toothbrush or a nail brush
  • Dish soap
  • Dry rice or salt
  • Some soft clothes

Step 1:  Unplug the Appliance

cleaning any electronic device while it’s plugged is not a good idea. Remember to unplug the juicer before cleaning it as a precaution to avoid electric shock and any other unpleasant experience.

Step 2: Dismantle the components

Check your juicer manual and according to it disassemble the removable parts as much as you can so you can reach the maximum parts and areas to clean the juicer.

If you do not have the instruction book, you can find it online by searching for your juicer brand and model.

Step 3:  Throw away the pulp from the pulp container or bin

Almost all juicers no matter which brand come with a separate container that collects pulp during the juicing process. Step three is to remove that pulp. Here you will need the spatula to scrape all the pulp and leave no residue in the container.  Wash it with mild dish soap and rinse it thoroughly.

Step 4: Clean other components

Now it is time to clean other parts of the juicer. First, rinse each piece underwater. Then scrub the small areas with small brushes such as a toothbrush or a nail brush.  Some juicers come with cleaning brushes, so you do not have to use the toothbrush.  Use a long handle dish scrubber where your hands and fingers don’t reach but, be gentle, so you do not damage the sensitive parts of the juicer. If you do not have the brushes and the scrubber you can use the dry rice and salt. Mix dry rice or salt in little water and swish it around the parts. It works as a scrubber and will also give a shine to the parts as well. Another option is to use a little baking soda on a damp cloth. After scrubbing all the components and parts soak them in a sink filled with water for a minute or two. You can add a little amount of dish soap for better results.

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Step 5: Wipe the non-detachable parts thoroughly

Some parts in the juicers cannot detach like the motor and the cord etc. wipe them thoroughly with a soft damp cloth to remove the entire food residue. You can also use a sponge, but the sponge absorbs a lot of water and can leak during the cleaning process.

Step 6:  let all the parts dry

After cleaning all the parts put them on a drying rack or a towel and completely dry.

Step 7: Reassemble the juicer

Once all the parts are cleaned, and dry reassemble the juicer. You can again take the help of the product manual to know which part goes where.

Deep cleaning of a Juicer

If you have not cleaned your juicer regularly now facing the problem of tough stains and dry residue. So it is time to do deep cleaning of the juicer.

Following are the ingredients/components to deep clean a juicer.

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Denture Tablets
  • White Vinegar
  • Enzyme Dish Liquid
  • Milk
  • Bowl

Step 1: Unplug the Juicer

Unplug the juicer before cleaning it to avoid any electric shock.

Step 2: Disassemble and clean all the parts

The process is the same as the regular cleaning of the juicer parts, but you will use more potent dish soap in deep cleaning. The enzyme dish liquid is strong enough to break the buildup food residue. Soak all the parts in the sink; scrub them with a brush or scrubber.

Step 3:  Cleaning the stubborn residue

If the residue is stubborn and did not get off with the enzyme liquids, put those parts in a bowl full of water and put some denture tablets in it. If you do not have the denture tablets, put the dirty pieces in the mixture of white vinegar and milk. Soak them in any of the mixtures as long as is needed to break down the juice residue. Another option is a mixture of warm water and salt. Soak all the dirty parts in this mixture and wait till all the stains get off.

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Step 4: Rinse, Dry, and reassemble

Rinse all the parts, let them dry completely, and then reassemble the juicer.

How to clean a juicer screen?

Cleaning the juicer screen/mesh is a tricky part. The screen is the component of the juicer that prevents the pulp from mixing in the juice. There are small holes in the net, and that clogged very quickly with the pulp. The right way to clean the screen is

  1. Soak the screen in a mixture of lemon juice and hot water. This process will eliminate all the pulp stuck in the screen.
  2. Now remove the screen from the mixture and scrub it with the toothbrush. Rinse the screen with warm water and make sure the water runs through all the holes. If not, then repeat the process.

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