Does Blending Destroy Nutrients And Fiber Of Your Ingredients?

Does Blending Destroy Nutrients And Fiber

So are you in doubt that does blending destroy nutrients and fiber of your ingredients? While blending, only a minor amount of nutrients is lost. However, several health forums claim that blending or juicing is not a healthy way of making smoothies because they extract the nutrients.

Besides, there are several advantages of blending, and it is a time-saving appliance that will not provide the full nutrition and fiber value of your ingredients. Might you think that is the claim of the health forum authentic or not? Let’s discuss the minor loss of nutrients and fiber below.

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Does Blending Destroy Nutrients And Fiber or Not?

Yes,  a minor amount of nutrients is lost while blending due to the oxidation process. Other than that, the nutrients and fiber of your ingredients still have an 80 % nutritional value. Besides that, the slow bullet blenders will not destroy the nutritional value.

Here we are discussing the high-speed jug size blenders. No doubt, you will never have the full nutritional value like you eat any veggie or fruit in its original state. Indeed, there is a loss of fiber and nutrients, but it is not harmful at all. The process of oxidation is necessary for a blender to make a smoothie through its heat, air, and light.

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Are All Nutrients Lost from Your Ingredients During Blending?

No, you won’t lose all the nutritional value from your ingredient during blending or juicing. You will never have the same health value as a solid-state of fruit or veggie. Blenders have some elements such as blades that produce oxidation during blending, juicing, and cutting.

There are false claims that all blenders will destroy the nutritional value of up to 80 percent. You will not find any proof or references that health forums said about blenders. Blenders will provide you the best consistency of fruits and vegetables that you cannot make in any other way.

Do All Blenders Destroy Fiber?

Blenders will not destroy fiber completely because fiber is the smallest enzymes in veggies and fruits. Besides that, you will have quick digestion with the intake of any smoothie that is made by a blender. On top of that, the fiber molecules have a tight bond with each other.

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Indeed, our bodies cannot break the fiber molecules themselves. However, the fiber goes through our intestines, and they aren’t absorbed by our bodies completely.

Why Do We Need The Nutrients And Fiber In Our Drink?

We need to know why nutrients and fiber in our drink. Also, we will tell you what the nutrients are.

Nutrients are essential elements in our body that will improve energy levels. Not only this, but the nutrients will also boost the immune system as well as reproduction. There are two types of nutrients that you need to know.

  1. Micronutrients
  2. Macronutrients
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Our body does not produce these two types of nutrients, and we will get them through fruits and veggies only.

Macronutrients are present in fat, protein, carbs, and water. On the other side, micronutrients have minerals and vitamins only. Our body needs more macronutrients and a small number of micronutrients.

Therefore, fiber is essential for our digestive system. You will have a normal sugar level and good blood circulation with fiber intake. Moreover, the fiber will make antibodies against the cancer cells in our bodies.

To Sum Up

So, does blending destroy nutrients and fiber? Yes, it will destroy some amount of nutrients while extracting the juice, but you should know the right technique to blend for securing them. However, your blender will never provide you all the nutrients, but if you are in a rush, then it’s good to have few nutrients rather than none.

You will not lose all nutrients but in minor amounts only. Above all, there are several advantages of blender and juicer that you can neglect one downside easily. All in all, there are no references present against this statement that blending destroys the nutrients and fiber of fruits.

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