Can You Use Juicer For Wine? – Wine Making Guide

If you are looking for a healthy way to enjoy your wine, then don’t worry because there is an easy solution! You can use a juicer. Juicing removes the alcohol from the grapes and gives it a much more refreshing taste. If you want to make sure that you’re getting all of the health benefits of wine without any of the downsides, this article will be perfect for you.

can you use juicer for wine full guide

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Making wine at home with Juicer

Juicer: is used to extract the liquid out of fruits, mostly citrus, like lemon or grapefruit. Many people use it for making fresh juice daily and some even every morning to drink right away. Others are more aware of the health benefits of juicing and they make their own fruit juice in order to provide a healthy diet for themselves.

Juicer is actually not used for making wine, the process of winemaking is completely different from juicing.

Wine: is made by fermenting grape juice, actually, wine is the product of fermentation. Natural sugars from the grapes will be turned into alcohol during this process and then it creates different types of wines depending on the ingredients used and how it was fermented.

Grape must or unfermented grape juice can actually turn into sparkling wine when sugar is added to it. However, that is something completely different and there is no need to use a juicer for that.

Juice or fresh grape juice can be used in the production of sparkling wine but it cannot ferment further on its own into actual wine. Wine yeast has to be added to speed up the fermentation process. This is how you get regular wines.

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How to make a juicer work on wine?

Well, there is a process of making wine by using fresh grape juice instead of the usually fermented juice. This can be achieved by the use of a juicer but it has to be done correctly.

Fresh grape juice will not ferment on its own unless you add sugar and yeast. However, if you put the grape juice inside the container where fermentation is usually done, then it will turn into a wonderful wine.

If you only want to use it for grape juices and not intend to make wine, then your juicer is actually useful despite the fact that it doesn’t work on wines alone. It can still be helpful since using juice will reduce the number of nutrients that is lost during the fermentation process. Since you are only using the juice, then there will still be some sugar in it and other nutrients which are not found in wine such as Vitamin C.

Juicers that have been dedicated to making juices can also create wonderful wines with just a little addition of yeast and sugar before the juicing process takes place. You can use something like a winepress that can be used for other purposes too.

The Benefit of using a juicer to make wine at home?

Using a juicer will reduce the need to add nutrients. Since it can be helpful in extracting most of the sugar and nutrient from fruits, then only enough yeast needs to be added and the other stuff that is needed for fermentation on wines is minimal.

It also reduces stress since you don’t have to deal with grapes or apples anymore. This is also true if you are just making wine at home for the first time.

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Own Homemade Wine with a Juicer and other common household items?

If you don’t have yeast, then there are other ways to ferment the pulp. You can use your own or household items in order to ferment the fruit juice without much effort like using yeast that is bought from a nearby drugstore.

You can mix up the ingredients and put it into a container with an airtight lid and make sure that it is tightly closed. Let the container stay for one day and at least 8 hours to be fermented, then you can taste if the juice is ready for you to drink.

If you want to speed up the fermentation process, create an opening in one of your bottle’s caps so that carbon dioxide gas can escape. However, this might result in the juice becoming flat. When you are done fermenting your fruit juice and it tastes good, put them into a refrigerator immediately so that they can stop fermenting since there is no longer any sugar in the mix.

Tips and Tricks For homemade Wine-making experience.

If you are fermenting grape juice, don’t use a regular glass jar. Use instead large jars with mouths made of either cork or rubber. These materials make the environment ideal for fermentation to take place. A safe way to create carbon dioxide is to drop a ripe banana into your juice container before sealing it and leaving it alone overnight. If you are fermenting any fruit juice, here is a crucial tip to remember. Before using the fruits, wash, peel and chop them up into small pieces first. This will make things easier after you have mixed your ingredients in the large container where they will undergo fermentation.

If you are fermenting any fruit juice that is rich in organic acids (citrus juices for example), using a starter culture or raisin yeast is an option that you may consider.

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Here are some additional tips regarding the fermentation process:

  • – When fermenting fruit juice, keep in mind that it should be kept at a temperature of 60° F (16°C) or less. Otherwise, this will affect fermentation and produce poor results.
  • – To enhance flavor, you can add sweetener or sugar to your fruit juice while fermenting it. 3 lbs of white sugar for each gallon of nutrient solution is the ratio to use. If you are opting not to add any sweetener from the beginning, then this should be added a few days after fermentation has started.
  • – You should keep the must in an airtight container for at least a couple of days after fermentation has begun. This will help develop the flavor and eliminate the presence of any off-flavors that you may not like. The same applies if you opt to remove fruit pulp/seeds before adding it back into your fermenting mix.
  • – Make sure that you maintain the correct temperature when fermenting your fruit juice. This will help in creating a standard and consistent result. You can choose to use a heating pad or heat mat for this purpose as it will maintain an even temperature inside the container.


One of the best ways to make wine at home is with a juicer. If you want an easy way to do this, all you need are fruit and grapes. Put your fruits in the juicer (you can also add some lemon juice for flavor) then put them into glasses or pitchers before adding sugar water until it becomes sweet enough. Pour the mixture through cheesecloth overnight so that any sediment will settle on top which you can discard afterward (or drink). You’ll have delicious homemade grape juice!

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